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Ethical charter

AlphaMena’s ethical commitments include, without being exhaustive:

  • Respecting market integrity
  • Respecting clients’ best interests, most notably in their position as minority shareholders of listed companies
  • Respecting its staff, notably by preventing discrimination of all sorts
  • Respecting the independence of its analysts’ opinions as long as the integrity of the analytical process is not questionable
  • Respecting companies under review in the analytical process as long as this respect is not at the expense of the integrity of analytical work aimed at minority shareholders
  • Respecting AlphaMena shareholders’ best interests to the extent that this is not at the expense of any previous items
  • The protection of data on the use of its services by its clients.
  • The implementation and respect of a compliance code which is, in spirit, close to regulatory requirements, while not guaranteeing that the letter is respected in every jurisdiction where AlphaMena’s services may be used.
  • A continuing quest for quality and quality control, while not guaranteeing an error-free service

AlphaMena’s management also stresses that such commitments are part and parcel of its financial independence, an asset that it intends to protect through adequate profitability.